Investment Approach

We start with your plan, then we identify your investment mix based on your “Financial DNA”, and then we design your personalized investment portfolio.

You can discover your “Financial DNA” by taking this 11 minute quiz.  We guarantee you it’s not like any other financial questionnaire you’ve taken in the past and we’re sure you will find the results interesting.   You can view a sample report in the team section of our site.

We use the results to;

  • Know how to best communicate investment ideas to you, and
  • Design an investment portfolio to fit within your natural comfort zone.

Investment Selection

We build investment portfolios based on:

  • Evidence based investments, meaning we make investment recommendation based on scientific research, and
  • The investment management of style of pensions that make use of alternative investments. i.e., Private Equity, and Private Credit. These types of investments are only available to accredited, eligible, and non-eligible investors.

Investment Independence

As an independent IIROC firm we’re:

  • Not limited to only mutual fund investments, and
  • Not encouraged to offer company products to our clients.

Our independence allows us to work for you first and then provide appropriate products and solutions unlike career or agency advisors who work for their employer first and then you.

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. is our investment dealer and they’re responsible to ensure we adhere to Ontario Securities Commission Regulations.  You can read more about them here or visit their web site.  Aligned Capital Partners is also a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, so if Aligned should ever face insolvency you funds are protected.

The National Bank Correspondent Network is our carrying broker and you can read more about them here or visit their website

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