Our Story

We (Simon and Allan) first met at Sun Life about 25 years ago and discovered our shared interested in developing creative financial planning solutions.

Twenty-five years later, we’ve evolved!

We now wear three hats so we can provide you with proper financial planning.

“Maintaining and enhancing your lifestyle over your lifetime without fears and/or regrets”

1. Our lifestyle planning hat: We will help you identify and model your current lifestyle. Think about your home(s), family, vacations, hobbies, vehicles, and career, etc.. Do you want to make any changes?

2. Our financial planning hat: With a good understanding of you, your situation, and your ambitions, we will interactively model and develop financial planning solutions suited to your preferences.

3. Our financial advisors hat: With the lifestyle and financial plan complete we can finally advise on which products/accounts may be best for you, ie.. investments, insurance, debt, RRSP, TFSA, HOLDCO, etc..

“Most people accept investment advice as financial planning. Investment advice comes last. Start with lifestyle planning and experience the difference.”

Our interactive and smart technology makes lifestyle financial planning fun, engaging, and easy to understand for everyone.

Experience lifestyle financial planning yourself and then decide if it is right for you.

Our first meeting together will be at our expense. You have the option of meeting us in person or through a webinar if you are at a distance or out of province.

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